Cancellation By Charter Operator

Most contracts with Operators have a standard cancellation policy; this can be confirmed at the time of booking. We strongly recommend that you purchase relevant insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances please check the terms of any policy carefully to ensure you have appropriate protection. Most Operators will allow you to change your booking either free of charge or for a small charge. Typically, this is on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed. IC does not make any charge in relation to supporting you with any changes. Should the booking be cancelled by the Charter Operator (e.g. due to severe damages on the reserved Vessel or any other unforeseen circumstances occurring to the Vessel), than the Client can only be remunerated by the Charter Operator according to valid Terms&Conditions of the Charter Operator.

Examples what most Charter-Operators would offer to Clients in such cases are:

  • reservation of another Vessel od similar size and with similar features, from same fleet or from another fleet, if possible ora refund of all amounts received from Client for the Vessel.

Client acknowledges that in case when severe damages of the Vessel have occurred during the previous charter, or due to events such as Acts of God (or “vis major”) neither IC nor the Charter Opertor are objectively guilty for this and thus Client shalll aim to be cooperative towards finding appropriate alternative solution under the given circumstances.

Cancellation By Client

Should the charter of the booked Vessel be cancelled by the Client, whater the reasons may be, the Client shall be liable to inform IC via mail about the cancellation without any delay whatsoever.

If skipper was reserved and cancelled by the Client, skipper fee has to be paid neverthelessss, according to the same percentage as listed above (in percentages). The same holds true also in case of a hostess or cook. Cancellation of skipper, hostess and cool is charged regardless of whether the Vessel booking was cancelled or not. The cancellation policy listed above reflects the most common practice in the charter industry. However, in some cases it may occur that the charter operator in its valid terms and conditions requires a higher percentage of cancellation fees. In such case, the percentage requested by the charter operator shall be applicable. In all cancellation cases, IC shall conceder the receipt date of information on cancellation as a basis for the settlement of accounts of the cancellation costs. From this date, IC shall be entitled to make the Vessel free for booking by other clients and shall have no further obligation towards the Client related to the cancelled booking.

Security Deposit

Most Operators have a requirement about Security Deposit. This deposit must be given to Operator before taking over Vessel, in amount according to valid Price List of Operator. The Deposit may be given either in cash or with one of the credit cards accepted by Operator, all in accordance of the processes in the Operator’s base. Regulation of Security Deposit is fully under contract (operators T&C) between Client and Operator, without any liability or responsibility from IC side. Paying deposit is also obligatory in cases when Client hires a professional skipper from IC or the charter operator. In such case the deposit cannot be used for covering the costs which emerged due to skipper’s negligence, bad operation of the Vessel or its equipment. In the case if the damage has happened due to gross negligence of the Client, or behaviour such as sailing under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, sailing single-handed or sailing at forbidden times outside of approved areas, or participating in regattas without written approval of Charter operator, or similar breaches, the Client seal typically be liable even beyond the amount of the Deposit, including expenses connected to repairs and remunerations for lost charter income in the next weeks.


According to the industry standards, charter Vessels are normally insured with deductible franchise. The insurance usually does not cover damages of personal property of the clients and property brought to the Vessel and a deliberately caused damage, or any other damage caused by the clients lack of diligence. It is strongly recommended that upon booking, Client and all crew guests should contract adequate travel and health insurance packages for their travel arrangements.