How much is it to rent a yacht?

03.12.2018. Sailing tips

The cost of a private yacht charter can vary greatly depending on yacht type and size, charter type and the destination. The base price, or the weekly rate for renting a yacht, covers the rental of the boat with all the equipment, but to estimate the real cost of chartering a boat, the charterer must also take into account the expenses of fuel, food and drink, and the port taxes paid at the destination.

Yacht charters offer tremendous value on a holiday, essentially providing charterers with a sailing hotel room that can take them anywhere they wish to go, including the remote and secluded destinations that are not easily accessible without a boat. Even though charter prices may seem steep, the freedom, privacy, and world of possibilities that private yacht rental offers can even make a sailing vacation comparably cheaper than a land-based holiday, because the price is divided among the group instead of everyone having to pay for their own hotel room. The rental and insurance of the boat and any crew wages are typically included in the fee, and charter companies tend to give accurate information about all the additional costs of a sailing holiday well in advance.    

Yacht rental prices

The base weekly sailing charter rate can be anywhere in the range from €3,000 for small sailing yachts to over €400,000 for large luxury motor superyachts. The price is primarily determined by the type and size of the yacht. Motor yachts are considerably more expensive than sailing yachts. They are also the more popular option because they are easier to operate and can cover greater distances in less time and provide more comfort. These yachts tend to have more decks, offer more onboard facilities and recreational space, and can accept more guests. They currently dominate the sailing industry, making up about 90% of the world’s fleet.

Sailing yachts require advanced seamanship skills and are only rented by people with a real passion for sailing. They are cheaper to rent and consume a lot less fuel, allowing charterers to sail farther with fewer stops and enjoy a peaceful holiday at sea combined with the thrill of using the natural forces to propel them on their sailing adventure. 

The size of the yacht plays a huge part in determining the charter cost. Luxury sailing yachts under 24m in length typically cost between €8,500 and €17,000 to rent, while motor yachts the same size cost between €12,500 and €30,000 per week. Sailing yachts over 45m in length cost between €85,000 and €170,000 per week, while motor yachts in this size category cost between €127,000 and €425,000 on average. The base price can also vary depending on the yacht’s selection of water toys, the availability of onboard amenities, and the year the yacht was built.

Other important factors that can affect yacht charter prices are destination and season. Remote exotic areas like the Galapagos Islands, which do not have a large offering of charters for hire, are considerably more expensive, while the prices in destinations with an abundance of charter options are more competitive. Regardless of the destination, charter cost increases in peak season, e.g. in July and August in the Mediterranean and in winter in the Caribbean, and decreases when there is less demand.

Needless to say, skippered and crewed yacht charters are more expensive than bareboat rentals, and prices increase with the number of crew onboard.

Charter types

There are two basic types of yacht charter that determine the price of rental: all-inclusive and plus expenses. All-inclusive charter rates typically include the costs of fuel, food and drink, and activities such as water sports. Port fees may or may not be included, depending on the charter company. Plus expenses charters only cover the base price of yacht rental, without the running expenses, which means that the costs of fuel, food, dockage and port taxes are paid separately. Both charter types may include the costs of hiring a crew in skippered charters.

Additional yacht charter costs

Charter companies typically offer a range of other options for charterers to choose from, which may include a skipper, chef, host, paddle, bedding and towels, barbecue, and an outboard engine for the dinghy. The security deposit, which the charterer pays before the cruise and gets back after the trip if there is no damage to the boat and equipment, is also not included in the charter price.   

Standard boat rental prices quoted on this website cover the rental fee for the boat, fully equipped, with a dinghy, and the costs of the first and last night at the yacht's home base. Charterers also get guides, navigation charts and instructions on departure, as well as technical assistance for the duration of their trip.

The costs not included in the charter rates are fuel, food, final cleaning of the yacht, the costs of transfer to and from the home marina, mooring costs, port fees and tourist taxes, which vary based on the destination.

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