Bareboat Charter Croatia


Bareboat yacht charters are one of the most popular options for sailing holidays in Croatia. With more than a thousand islands and islets, a large number of hospitable ports and marinas, and relatively easy sailing conditions, the country is an ideal destination for anyone looking to try their hand at skippering a boat or yacht for the first time.   

Yacht rental is an excellent way for families or groups of friends to explore all the charms of the Adriatic independently, on their own schedule, to plan their own itineraries and change them if they find a destination that they enjoy more than others. 

Chartering a sailboat in Croatia is a great way to enjoy the country's long, warm summers with light winds, and explore its many captivating historic cities and diverse islands. The most popular destinations for a bareboating holiday include the old cities of Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Šibenik on the coast and the beautiful islands of Hvar, Bra─Ź, Mljet, Vis and the Kornati archipelago.

Bareboat sailing in Croatia

Croatia's indented coastline, excellent seawater quality and warm, dry weather with fair, constant and predictable winds make the country one of the world's most desirable destinations for a bareboat sailing holiday. The sailing is splendid, combining both long and short passages to picturesque ports and anchorages and providing travellers with countless opportunities to experience the country's traditional villages, lively nightlife, interesting historic sites, rocky islets and lush Mediterranean landscapes.   

Croatian islands are not as widely spread as, for instance, those in Greece, which makes island hopping easier and passages from one island to the next considerably shorter and more comfortable. While Croatia has a long sailing season, lasting from April to October, and weather is mostly predictable, the islands' proximity to the coast and other islands guarantees that even beginner sailors can set sail to almost any destination knowing that there is always a place nearby where they can find shelter in case of bad weather. 

Renting a fully equipped boat without a professional skipper and crew is ideal for those who like an active vacation and already know how to sail a boat, as it gives them total flexibility, privacy and the freedom to sail to a different destination every day. While it is always the skipper who takes full responsibility for the crew and the boat, other crew members can help ensure that everything on board runs smoothly so that the whole group has a safe and comfortable holiday. Charter companies typically provide all the necessary nautical information and recommend itineraries and places to visit, but skippers are always free to sail at their own pace and stick to the routes of their choosing.    

The Dalmatian coast and islands are among Europe's most popular destinations for summer holidays. Many visitors opt for a bareboating vacation for the convenience it offers of escaping any of Croatia's crowded coastal cities whenever it suits them during the high season, which lasts from mid-June to mid-September. The Adriatic coast is an incredibly diverse cruising ground, with many wild, rugged islands that provide an easy getaway from the highly sought tourist hotspots. The cities along the Croatian coast offer an immense wealth of history, culture and entertainment options, but for a truly relaxing vacation, the uninhabited islands, shores and bays are hard to beat.

Chartering a catamaran is the perfect solution for discovering the country's many bays, as the vessel allows anchoring even in the shallowest waters. Catamarans are ideal for less experienced sailors because they are very easy to manoeuvre. This can come in very handy when trying to dock in one of the tight, scenic ports and marinas on the Dalmatian coast. Additionally, they provide more space than a monohull yacht, which makes them a comfortable solution for longer bareboating holidays.

Motor yachts, on the other hand, have the advantage of speed and are perfect for island hopping holidays. They are an excellent choice for those looking to spend more time exploring each island's historic and cultural attractions than getting there.

Sailing conditions in Croatia are mostly friendly, with the westerly mistral, a light wind that reaches its peak force in the early afternoon, blowing during the summer. In autumn and winter, the southeastern wind blows moist air toward the mainland and the bura, a cold, strong, gusty wind from the mainland brings cooler temperatures. Bura can reach high speeds quickly and is best avoided. 

For bareboat rental in Croatia, all recreational skippers must have a valid sailing license, a VHF license and a passport. The documents must be originals, not copies, and they must be official sailing licenses of the charterer's home country. The list of recognized certificates for operating boats and yachts can be found on the website of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure